Karma Yoga, or Harmony in Action has been an personal ideal to aspire for and work with in Samanvaya. In this episode of my early morning podcast, I have started an attempt to share what I am deeply convinced about and how I see it happening within myself and all around me. It is difficult for me to talk about this in public, so, it will take many more episodes for me to be able to present everything. I hope to continue on this journey.  Do give me your feedback.   Thank you.    Ram…
February 26, 2021
Creating knowledge initiatives as building blocks of a newer different world is part of what we do as an organization. Working with a mainstream Institution for an introductory programme on Green Economy is one such programme. Director of Samanvaya Social Ventures signing an Agreement with the Principle of Madras School of Social Work (MSSW) for 3 years to co-create new forms of knowledge courses for the students of MSSW as well as other outsiders.     
January 20, 2021
USA has just gone through a serious political crisis and it is not over as yet. While they may have a new Government as you read this today, the politics in recent weeks has left many across the world shocked. And yet, America inspires hope in several ways. In the middle of the worst pandemic in which 25 million Americans have been affected, several stories of neighbourhoods, people helping each other and generosity has come up. In the midst of a political crisis, the voices of sanity, of peace and non-violence has sprung up. In the middle of last year's major protests during the Black Lives…
January 02, 2021
Prof. Samdong Rinpoche has been one of the leading wise voices for the planet for a long time. It was a surprise to receive a note of New Year wishes from him that is timely and emphasizing the needs of the world currently.  Happy to share the same herewith.  Note: All emphasis in the text is mine and not part of his message.