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Samanvaya creates, co-creates, collaborates and also manages several online initiatives. These vary from functional portals, campaigns, regular media releases, research and advocacy initiatives as well as sharing of work insights.
Samanvaya team independently and jointly has evolved futuristic institutions that contribute towards shaping a better planet.
Samanvaya offers designing, developing and administering several courses as online, offline and hybrid programmes.
Who talks about freedom in India? Why not ask people who are doing amazing work to talk about freedom around the Independence Day?
Samanvaya has hosted and maintained the online repository of the Gandhian Historian late Sri Dharampal through the website
Samanvaya team volunteers during natural disasters in coordinating relief efforts. Over the years, we have coordinated the efforts in the immediate aftermath of the Earthquake in Gujarat, after the Tsunami in Tamil Nadu and post earthquake in Uttarakhand.