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What Sustains the Ordinary People of India?

What Sustains the Ordinary People of India?

What would Dharampal say?

“I don’t understand what you mean by Sustainability. To me a hundred families agreeing to live together in a village, with an understanding of the divine nature of their interdependency and that of the dependency on others is a sustainable society” – a village elder in Virudhunagar

Revisiting Dharampal

This article was published in the Centenary Publication of collected articles on Dharampal and his works by PPST and Other India Books, Goa called Re-Imagining Swaraj through Indian Tradition. Having worked with Dharampal the Gandhian Historian between 2000 and his demise in 2006, Rama and Ramasubramanian, the founders of Samanvaya jointly have written this article based on one of the 20 archival compilations that they assisted Dharampal with. The book maybe purchased from the online book shop of OIB publications.