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Samanvaya New Year eve...

Last couple of years we have had a year-end online session as a way of sharing and building hope. This year too, there is an interest and few friends feel it may be safer and saner to celebrate the new year eve online at home than go around the town screaming and spending. While during the pandemic time, such online event gathered a lot of elders and youngsters together to share their hope and promises, this time we left it open for any one join. One of the early engagements of this year will see me deliver a lecture on Knowledge Swaraj end of January in the 46th Indian Social Science Congress . So, when Baskar and myself discussed the title of even the new year eve ended up ''re-imagining swaraj''. We both have been done a podcast together Raattai that has now had a new episode being released online every Friday at 6pm. So far we have had 18 episodes.  We have also had a few special online events apart from the regular weekly podcast.
here below is a write-up on the subject and the invitation. do join if you can please. wishing you all a peaceful, healthy and purposeful 2023. 
When information warfare thrives all around, seeking depth in dialogue is the beginning of clarity; when ideas of freedom themselves are contended, revisiting their definitions emboldens reason. Imagination and Swaraj are both premium today , as a fast spiralling world into Climate Emergency finds an eternal battle between the brutal injustice systems and the conscious inner voice of the soul in its misunderstood feebleness. Let's gather as the year dawns to share our imaginations, dreams, visions and plans. Let's talk as the year transits and share the energy that will give us strength. A year is not merely celebrating going round the sun once more, it is also evolving with each rotation into a better species in the beautiful world of ours.
Topic: Reimagining Swaraj
Time: Dec 31, 2022 08:00 PM Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi
Meeting ID: 895 3493 6029
Passcode: freedom

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