December 2022

December 30,2022
Friends,   Last couple of years we have had a year-end online session as a way of sharing and building hope. This year too, there is an interest and few friends feel it may be safer and saner to celebrate the new year eve online at home than go around the town screaming and spending. While during the pandemic time, such online event gathered a lot of elders and youngsters together to share their hope and promises, this time we left it open for any one join. One of the early engagements of this year will see me deliver a lecture on Knowledge Swaraj end of January in the 46th Indian Social…
December 29,2022
Ramasubramanian, Director Samanvaya will be giving a Plenary Lecture on the 31st Jan 2023 at the 46th Indian Social Science Congress in the  Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli. He will be giving the lecture under the title Knowledge Swaraj. The lecture will also be published as part of the publication of the Congress. More details regarding the event available here
December 28,2022
  At Samanvaya we often encounter needs in society that no one is addressing and create and manage our own research work that is important. Most of these are short term assignments and often not clearly defined like a school project. It needs consistent interest in the subject of environment, agriculture, food safety and security, livelihoods, farmers, social issues, etc., Obviously not the kind of traits we find available readily with everyone. It basically needs someone with a specific orientation towards social and environmental issues. It is also not a one person effort, requiring a few…