October 2023

October 28,2023
When I spoke to the Magsaysay Award Winner and Gandhian Tribal Land Rights Activist, Sri. P.V. Rajagopal, on the 15th of Oct at Madurai about creating a network of Indigenous Entrepreneurs in India and designing exclusive capacity building programmes for them that will bring in conservation linked livelihoods building as its core and ensure that the cosmo-vision of the Indigenous community forms the basis of its livelihoods activity, he immediate agreed that such a network will be extremely useful, in the post-FRA land rights given to tribal community members across India. He invited me to…
October 02,2023
Every year for several years now I have been reading the same text and recording my own inference and understanding.  Ven. Samdhong Rimpoche, called Hind Swaraj as a  'moola grantha' and a document that he places above that of the Dhammapada today. He is one of the many thinkers, activists and scholars that inspired me who have been inspired by the amazing text of Gandhi more than a 110 yrs ago. Written in both hands by the omnidextrous young political thinker, in a sailing ship, between London and South Africa, provoked by the encounter by several hues of ideologies, including the one that…
October 01,2023
The Bhoomi College, Bangaluru and Samanvaya got together to launch a Green Economy course on 27th Sept 2023. The course spread over 8 on-line classes and a camp is the first time that such a course has been offered as a collaboration.  The programme was specifically designed with government officials, CSR executives, corporate professionals in mind and the course is being offered especially for decision makers to equip them with critical perspective and serious development model drawn from Indian case studies and Gandhian ideas.