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Annual Hind Swaraj Course - 2023

Every year for several years now I have been reading the same text and recording my own inference and understanding.  Ven. Samdhong Rimpoche, called Hind Swaraj as a  'moola grantha' and a document that he places above that of the Dhammapada today. He is one of the many thinkers, activists and scholars that inspired me who have been inspired by the amazing text of Gandhi more than a 110 yrs ago.HS-on-Parliament

Written in both hands by the omnidextrous young political thinker, in a sailing ship, between London and South Africa, provoked by the encounter by several hues of ideologies, including the one that will later on inspire among others, his assassin, this work is a struggle between someone who starts building from an ideal space engaging in a civil dialogue with many people who consider themselves as 'pragmatic'. in each of his response is a clarity that he tries to hold on to all his life subsequently. 

This year I am joined by a complete set of new friends online as I present the book to them for easy reading through a series of slides that I have built over a period of time as they read and reflect on the amazing text.  

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