How do you Change Technologists? - Lecture Series

Fri, 08/25/2023 - 11:04

Note by Rev. Sara Wolcott, Director, Sequoia Samanvaya


While our friend Ramasubramanian sojourns with us, he is offering several virtual talks on different issues pertaining to creating regenerative cultures. Yesterday was one on ethics and technologists. Next week, Wednesday, August 30, 2023, we are co-hosting a session with the Re: The Regenerative School

In yesterday's talk, he started with some of how he challenges and helps to shift young people's motivations, and then got into some aspects of ancient Indian culture, including how each vocation has its own dharma, which entails its code of conduct. In his own training with a traditional teacher (in a healing practice), he said that 60% of his 'class time' is on ethics - how to do things well, and the consequences of inaction. And what makes that possible? The connection to land, to water, to place.

In our analysis of AI, we often talk about the dangers of disembodied knowledge creation. It is yet another derivative of the disconnection from the land/waters that has become so common in so many parts of the world.

All of this could be part of the practice of ReMembering.

It begs the deeper question: How are we creating wider cultures of re-connection to place, cultures in which ethical action across different vocations can arise?

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