Conceptualizing, Re-orienting, Building, Operationalizing, Systemizing, Trouble Shooting and Reviving Organizations to equip them towards a sustainable vision and socially responsible, ecologically sensitive and peaceful organizational work. 

SLI – A Joint venture between Tamilnadu Government & Auroville

Most Recent Institution Building Consulting (on going): Conceptualizing, Creating, Designing and Operationalizing the Sustainable Livelihood Institute as a joint venture between Tamilnadu Government and Auroville Foundation.


Organisation Development Consulting

The ecological predictions, economic uncertainties and social unrest all around often freezes activity if one were to factor them into organizations’ objectives as a whole. However, to ignore these phenomena is no longer an option and is akin to living with the ‘emperor’s new clothes’.

A balance in organizational development is necessary for organitaions to create and sustain self-worth that also carries a market need an ensures a peaceful and conscience life for the promoters and share holders. Crumbling ideas of economics and business management beg newer forms of institutional and organiation evolution that stems from a deeper dialogue,a  dialogue on values and ethos,a dialogue that can create new institutional designs and structures that can in turn build a better world.

The organizational development consulting work with Samanvaya team is a co-learning experience whereby every business / institution / organiation is encouraged to evolve its own business theory and practice, its own unique place in the world and through that to define a purpose that is not destroying the world, but, creating a newer better one.

Most Recent Organizational Developent Consulting: Coming up


Purpose of research is to further knowledge that shapes action. However, the starting block of research often is set based on a pre-determined action that needs to be achieved for betterment of commercial, power centered and / or identity retention objectives. Research may start without a purpose of final end and only as a quest to know and become aware. And when the awareness can in turn inform knowledge and the knowledge with awareness shapes action, the action is whole in its ability to align with and support the global necessity.

Recent Research Work: Status Report on the Implementation of the Forest Rights Act in Tamilnadu State, June 2017 FRA Report Final-vrinda-edite


Contemporary Gandhi:  Singular focus of education is often projected as that to gain employment, obsession with this has created a value-bereft system, where the students are trained to compete, develop greed, propel themselves at the cost of others, individualize successes and become a celebrity, eventually to be enslaved and become part of a greedy few.

This course looks at the world of  ‘career’ (or what is presented as the singular career to youth) and makes them face some fundamental questions about their needs, happiness and if there was a way one could escape such an enslavement. It helps students to imagine and acknowledge and eventually work towards applying and enjoying multiple ways of learning and living. It places values and contentment, peace and individual choice to be free over that of a collective prosperity of a structured and enslaving market place, it aims to provide a bearing of justice and peace over that of greed and aggression to the students. 

Recent Programmes: An Elective Course on Contemporary Gandhi for Students of B.Tech at IIIT, Sri City, Andhra Pradesh, Jan – Apr, 2017

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