Samanvaya Consulting was started as an ownership firm by Rama and Ramasubramanian in 1998. For a very long time, Samanvaya remained a small consulting firm that had a few members joining at various times. The team grew rather large during relief work with several full-time volunteers and it shrunk smaller when there was only specific consulting work to do. It drew upon younger people to join on project basis to work under the banner until they gained the experience and confidence to launch their own or pursue their calling in life. The Team has been flexible and open to share time, resources and opportunities with younger colleagues.

It was registered as a partnership firm, Samanvaya Social Ventures in 2017 with new members joining the team and a new set of Consultants and Associates also agreeing to be part of the team Samanvaya.

The new team members of Samanvaya and their profile is coming up soon in this section.