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Update #6 | 31st Dec 2004, 03:30 hrs

1. Relief Material facilitation on 30th Dec 2004
2. Immediate Needs for 31st Dec 2004
3. Volunteers - Contact
4. Volunteers - NEEDED
5. Check for Updates at www.samanvaya.com/relief-work/


1. Two truckload of materials were off-loaded at Sirgazhi and Tiruvarur with supply of provisions.

2. A truck load of relief materials - mostly provisions have been sent to Tiruvarur. This is to facilitate community kitchen being set-up for people who returned to the relief camp because of the after shock on 30th afternoon. This truck has been organised courtesy Sri. Venkatesan from Chennai

3. A team headed by Sri. Annamalai (m:9444183198) has been busy sorting and re-packing relief material at the Gandhi Study Centre yet again. Please reach Sri. Annamalai or Mr. Krishnan, (m: 9381201944) with relief materials and / or for volunteering for this work. CLOTHES COLLECTION HAS BEEN STOPPED.

4. Further provisions, domestic needs, kitchen utelsils and toiletries are being collected by volunteers. This will support the relief work by agencies on the field for a few days before many of those in the relief camps start returning to their homes. Then the work will shift to getting temporary shelters ready for them and start rehabilitation efforts.

6. A team from Gujarat is heading for Tiruvarur to be available for constructing temporary shelters. This team has been active in Bhuj and Kumoan regions earlier. They come prepared to stay and work for a month. A local volunteer with experience in construction engineering is also joining them.

7. RIM SS have already started to do a spot assessment for rehabilitation work to be taken up later. One set of volunteers have started to work towards procuring materials for temporary shelter construction.

8. Medical Aid Coordination from Chennai is being handled by Shanmuga, Managing Trustee, Kuvempu Trust
094441 83955, 044-26264837, sshanmuga@vsnl.com. He handles contact for both demand and supply of medical aid.


1. Temporary Shelter construction material - Plastic and Tarpaulin sheets, canvas tents, accessories
2. Provisions - preferably packed for immediate use by a family
3. Kitchen kit - Vessels, water pots, plates and tumblers and accessories
4. Toiletries - Toilet kit for a family (refer to our earlier update for a detailed list)
5. We are trying to get a clear picture of the medical needs, request till then please avoid procurement of further medicines


Volunteers who would like to help in sorting out relief materials and helping with the loading of trucks. Report to Sri. Krishnan (m: 9381201944) at the Gandhi Study Centre, Thakkar Bapa Vidyalaya, Vekatnarayana Road.



- We need volunteers for on the spot assessment of the affected villages for rehabilitation efforts, we need volunteers to coordinate these assessment, document the same
- Need volunteers to do counselling with the victims, be available and talk to them, women volunteers are most welcome
- Need volunteers to coordinate and assist on-field activities at thiruvarur and sirgazhi
- Also volunteers for sorting out materials, packaging and labelling them at Gandhi Study Centre and also KFI-the school.

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