Tamilnadu Tsunami Relief Initiative - a voluntary civil society network
Update #2 | 28h Dec 2004, 11:00 hrs.

1. What is Happening
2. Immediate Needs
3. Organisations and Contact Phone numbers

1. At Nagapattinam: A meeting of NGOs and government officials is taking place so as to avoid duplication of work. The network will be ready to do focussed work by this evening.
2. At Sirgazhi: A medical team from Chennai may leave for Sirgazhi later today, THEY WILL NEED VOLUNTEERS
3. To Kalapet, Pondicherry: A truck of relief materials is to leave for this town where people from 4 villages are currently stationed
4. More organisations on the field are in touch with us now. These are:
a) Bharathi Women's Development Centre based in Thiruvarur
b) Sevalayam based in Thirukuvalai
c) A team based in Thirukadaiyur (coordinated by Sri. Vivekanandan of SEVA, Madurai)
5. A team of about 40 post-quake experts from Bhuj area in Gujarat have left with all equipments to be here in the next 2 days, they will be available to provide engineering assistance in the re-settlement
1. All the places below:
Food - Provisions for a family for a few days (rice, pulses, oils), stoves, fuel
Toiletries: tooth brush, tooth paste, oil, soap (both toilet and detergent), liquid wash and disinfectants, sanitary napkins, etc.
- basic domestic needs: bedding, tarpaulin sheets for temporary shelter (till their houses are re-built)
- dresses: some dresses have arrived, but, they require change of clothing
- storage needs: packaging materials for keeping all the above, cases, bags

2. At Nagapattinam: The following medicines are required
anti-septic, anti-depressants, vaccination, dressing materials for wounds, micro-plaster and anti-inflammation needs

3. VOLUNTEERS: To make a spot assessment of the needs, help NGOs with communication, organising the relief materials, access people from other parts - preferably with mobile phones.
We all need volunteers with engineering skills.

4. VEHICLES: for the movement of volunteers to make immediate assessment and also for the movement of goods to the affected areas (in Chennai CII has offered to lift all the materials, DHL and Murugappa group has also offered their fleet for goods).
More institutions have come forward to help organise and facilitate the collection and sending of relief material from Chennai:
a) Sri. Annamalai
PHONE:(044)24346549 MOBILE:9444183198
b) Sri. A. L. Rangarajan (land 22235133/mobile: 9444208635) of RIM and Gandhi Darshan Kendra will be establishing contacts and getting information more NGOs in the field.
c) At Nagapattinam, Sri. Sathyamurthy is trying to get the information flow coordinated(9444364212)
d) At Madurai, contact Sri. Vivekananda at SEVA, 45, T.P.M.Nagar, Virattipathu, Madurai - 625 010.
Phone: 0452 - 238 00 82.(O) / 0452- 238 36 19 (R) / Fax (pp) : 0452 - 2300 425 / e-mail: numvali@sancharnet.in
Tamilnadu Tsunami Relief Initiative
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