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Swaraj, or self-rule as an ideal at all levels of responsibility, individual, society and polity, was given to India by Gandhiji. Today, there is an urgent need to realise and manifest swaraj in society, as the socio-political expression of self-governance along with Swadeshi or economic self-reliance and Satyagraha, the adherence to Truth. As might be popularly and mistakenly construed, these are not creations of the Mahatma but his understanding and articulation of the Indian World View and its path of Ahimsa ("a greater love or charity", in the words of Gandhiji) as its supreme Dharma. These are inseperable in their expression in the individual, society and polity. Only in adherence to these core principles would development initiatives in India strengthen and flourish.

SAMANVAYA is committed to this world view and through its every endeavour attempts to work towards these ideals. We are associated with a few initiatives that start with this as the basis. We offer a foundation course with the Swaraj and its derivative values as outlined by Gandhiji in his seminal work, Hind Swaraj, for educational institutions as well as individuals and institutions in the Development Sector.

Hind Swaraj - Samanvaya's Endeavour

In the last few years, SAMANVAYA has been trying to bring in to the world of modern youth, Gandhi, his ideas and perspectives. Towards the same we have been organising free reading sessions of Gandhi's seminal work 'Hind Swaraj' for the last few years. In Hind Swaraj, Gandhiji outlines the civilistional framework of Indian thought and goes on to explain issues and struggles on this foundation. Many have read this very famous work of his. This very significant book has been able to stir people's emotions and thoughts very dramatically. There are all kinds, from people who disagree vehemently with what he has said to those who have based their entire lives and work on the precepts given in the book.

Hind Swaraj offers a perspective on understanding Indian society and civilisation and explores our interaction with the world. Our course comes as a result of our reading sessions; based on Hind Swaraj, it attempts to provide a base to understand the problems that we as a nation face today, and where we stand in the world arena.

SwaRaj Programmes

Samanvaya now designs and conducts regular SwaRaj programmes and events. The SwaRaj programmes are offered to educational institutions as a one-time orientation programme, or integrated into their curriculum, and to development organisations as part of their organisational learning process. This is towards promoting the precepts of Swaraj as an alternative to the prevalent paradigm, as well as to facilitate and help youth explore alternatives.

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