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Book Title Author Published By Price (Rs)
Collected Writings of Dharampal - Five Volumes Dharampal Other India Press and SIDH 900/-
Remembering Dharampal - A compilation of personal interactions and rememberances of close friends and associates of Dharampal including articles by Samanvaya Team Edited by Pawan Gupta SIDH 265/-
Rediscovering India - A collection of articles on the contemporary relevance of Indian History Dharampal SIDH 295/-
Understanding Gandhi - A collection of articles on Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhian thoughts and institutions Dharampal Other India Press 150/-
Quintessential Gandhi Pawan Gupta, Anuradha Joshi, Prof. Gita Dharampal Samanvaya 125/-
ISM - An Introduction - A beginner's guide to ISM, its key concepts, frequently asked questions, resources and reference
A SAMANVAYA Compilation Samanvaya 50/-
"Aayulai Valarkkum Ayurvedam" (Tamil) Dr. P.L.T Girija Sanjeevani Ayurveda Foundation 200/-
The Gita of Waste - An Introduction to Issues of Waste and Waste Management for Children SAMANVAYA
Auroville Health Centre
Auroville Health Centre, Auroville, India 70/-
The British Origin of Cow-Slaughter in India - With some British Documents on the Anti-Kine-Killing Movement 1880-1894 Dharampal
T.M. Mukundan
SIDH 495/-
A Matter of Quality - A study of people's perceptions and expectations from schooling in rural and urban areas of Uttarakhand Sanshodhan - research and advocacy wing of Bodhigram SIDH 25/-
Child and the Family - A study of the Impact of Family Structure upon children in rural Uttarakhand
Sanshodhan - research and advocacy wing of Bodhigram SIDH 25/-
'Bharath Ki Pehchan - Dharampal Ki Drushti Mein' (Introduction to India - As seen by Dharampal, in Hindi Dharampal SIDH 35/-
'Ithihaas Ki Samajh - aaspaas ke parivesh se Sikshan' (Understanding History - learning from the immediate surroundings) in Hindi SIDH SIDH 50/-

How to Order

You can order your copies by e-mail with us. The payment can be sent by DD favouring Samanvaya, payable at Chennai (postage charges extra). The copy will be mailed to you on receipt of your payment.

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