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Quintessential Gandhi

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"I have merely given expression to the thoughts that were dormant within the hearts of the Indian people". - Mahatma Gandhi

Book Release Events, 2 October 2005 - An Update

Lakshmi Ashram, Kausani
Lakshmi Ashram, Kausani, Uttaranchal
Gandhi Museum in Madurai
Gandhi Museum, Madurai, Tamilnadu
Lakshmi Ashram is one of the oldest ashrams in Kausani, and has been working with Gandhian ideals for over five decades now. Seen in the picture to extreme left is the school run by the Ashram for local children.

The Gandhi Museum at Madurai contributes its share of exploring and keeping alive Gandhian ideas and thoughts in the city. Regular classes and courses are conducted for over 1000 children all year long besides other special events.

'Quintessential Gandhi (English)', published by Samanvaya and
'Revisiting Mahatma Gandhi (Hindi)',published by SIDH, Uttaranchal were released at Kausani.

About the Book
Gandhi challenged conventional wisdom, broke through traditional categories of thought, stretched the boundaries of imagination in all areas of life, and opened up new philosophical and practical possibilities. He requires us to think afresh about things we have long taken for granted.

Book Release at Kausani
Foreground - Shri. Kameshwar Bahuguna, Senior Gandhian; Background - Neema Behen, Head of Lakshmi Ashram, Shri. Bhuvan Pathak, Convenor, Himalay Swaraj Samvad

Book Release Kausani
Extreme right: Shri. Vijay Pratap, National Convenor, Socialist Front, India; Seen in the background is Shri. Pawan Gupta, SIDH, one of the editors of Quintessential Gandhi.
Book Release at Madurai
Releasing 'Quintessential Gandhi' is Sri. Rajendran, District Collector. Sri. (Thenkatchi) K. Swaminathan, famed and much-loved speaker on AIR is receiving a copy. Looking on are Sri. Pandian, Secretary, Gandhi Museum (extreme left) and Sri. Murugesa Moorthy, District Governor, Lions Club (extreme right)
This publication is targeted at youth and explores some of the complexities in Gandhi's well-known ideas. This is done in a lucid, easy-to-read and attractive manner, using a combination of text (his own words) as well as relevant photographs from his life. The book is compiled in the following sections:-
→Gandhi takes India by Storm
→A Man of Faith
→Ahimsa - Non-Violence
→A Man of Action
→Challenge to Modernity