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Samanvaya Publications have been far and few between. Though our writing has been published by other journals, newsletters and so on, we have not consistently published offline material. We have brought out periodic update newsletters on significant events or programmes. Our online publications however have been more frequent and popular. From the early Food Updates to the more recent blogs on various subjects, we have utilised the web medium to address information and knowledge gaps in specific areas.

Indian System of Management, An Introduction (2004)
The ‘Indian System of Management’ (ISM) is a body of knowledge that has evolved through the collective efforts of many practitioners. Samanvaya has been part of this evolution, both as a practitioner as well as a promoter. It was during our interaction with many practitioners we realised a lack of an introductary material on ISM. This prompted us to compile and publish this book, which was released during a week-long programme on ISM conducted in Chennai in early 2004. These programmes were conducted by Swami Someshwarananda, Chairman, Vivekananda Centre for Indian Management (VCIM) along with Samanvaya. The first copy of the book was released by him and received by our well-wisher and auditor, Thiru. R. Shiva Kumar, Karra & Co.

Quintessential Gandhi (QG) (2005, 2007)
Shri. Pawan Gupta and Smt. Anuradha Joshi of SIDH, Mussoorie had visited Heidelberg university at the invitation of Dr. Gita Dharampal in 2004. During their visit they organised along with a few student, an exhibition on the thoughts and action of Gandhiji from his return to India in 1915 until 1948. The set of posters designed for this exhibition were impressive and with the encouragement of Shri. Dharampal, Samanvaya modified and enhanced them for a publication of the same. This was simultaneously released in Kausani and Madurai in October 2005 ( Read More).

QG was re-published by New Horizon Books, Chennai in early 2007. A simultaneous Tamil translation was also released at the same time. The Tamil translation was done by Shri. M.R. Rajagopal, Secretary, Gandhigram Trust.

Where the Gray Head is Held High... (2006)

Chennai Cares was a knowledge initiative jointly launched by CIOSA and Samanvaya. Under this the first publication was released on 1st October 2006, on the occasion of the World Elders' Day. This publication was a report on the processes and practices of the free and charitable old-age homes in Chennai with emphasis on members of the CIOSA network. The report was released by Sr. Rita Marneni of Stella Maris college and was received by Mrs Savithri Vaithi, Vishranthi. The programme was hosted by the Public Relations Department of Stella Marris College. The copies of the publication can be had from the office of CIOSA or downloaded from their website.