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Tamilnadu Tsunami Relief Initiative

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December 2004 to March 2005. A civil society initiative coordinated by Samanvaya. In the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami, Samanvaya responded by setting up a network of civil society organisations and individuals to volunteer and coordinate relief activities. Over the next couple of months many individuals, organisations and corporate entities cooperated to support various releif efforts. Samanvaya set up an online information and resource site through which it provided timely and reliable information to volunteers from across the world.

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Thinnai Youth Forum

Launched in 2002, Thinnai evolved as a forum for developing socially conscious and responsible youth. It gave them the space and inputs to widen their understanding of social issues and encouraged them to discuss such issues, undertake independent research and analysis, towards creating opportunities for youth to have their say in the society by sharing their understanding and learning through media, publication, exhibition, etc. Critical analysis and questioning of information flow in society was encouraged towards developing a larger understanding of contemporary issues that is original and media-independent. Activities and discussion sessions were conducted until 2005, when eventually the group wound down. A few from the Thinnai group are currently involved with the Samanvaya initiative, Paatashaala.

Reports from Thinnai Sessions

Title Resource Person Date
Role of Ashrams, Mathams and Peetham in Society Ram, Chief, SAMANVAYA 6-2-2005
A Peak into India's Hoary Past     D.K. Hari and Swathi, Bharat Gyan 4-7-2004
Understanding "Golden" Rice Ram, Chief, SAMANVAYA 21-3-2004
Interlinking of Rivers (ILR) - Need for Increased Awareness among the Public and Immediate Action Ms. Sangeetha Sriram 29-2-2004
Interactive Session on Organic Farming organised by NATURAGROS & THINNAI
Thiru. Nammazhvar,
Dr. Sultan Ahmed Ismail