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Freedom Lecture

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We have had freedom from alien rule for over half a century, yet, the mindset of slavery and the institutions of slavery are all around us. They influence the way we build opinions, make decisions and provide solutions. Many of us complain that we are not happy with the state of affairs in the country. We are worried about not being 'developed' or 'powerful'. This opinion is expressed in public through discourse and media and further weakens the faith in the individual, society and country.

However, there is a strength in this country that has made it withstand the worst kind of onslaught for many centuries, that has built civilisations when the rest of the world was still primitive. That gave the world blessings and wishes of peace despite being invaded and plundered repeatedly. It is this strength that has made this country the destination of every peace seeker in the world. That even today, makes people across the world refer to India as the "Country of Gods".

We at SAMANVAYA have tried to understand the strength amidst the ordinary people of India through our work. In many efforts across the country, we have repeatedly seen the resilience and the resolution of the people being expressed through their life and work. The Freedom Lecture is our effort to share these insights with our friends. We hope to bring each year through these public lectures a persona and a concept that we feel represents the true spirit of the people of India, her voice and true freedom.

Title Speaker Date
Gardening for Freedom - Announcing the 7 th Samanvaya Freedom Lecture! Joss Brooks , Director, PBRC, Auroville 22nd Aug 2009
Free To Teach - 6 th Samanvaya Freedom Lecture Mrs. Meenakshi , Principal, Puvidham School, Dharmapuri 13th Aug 2008
Learning Environment and Freedom to Learn - 5th Samanvaya Freedom Lecture Dr. L. S. Saraswathi, Educationist 11th Aug 2007
Assertive Volunteerism as an Expression of Freedom - 4th Samanvaya Freedom Lecture Sri. J. Prabhakaran, Coordinator, Nallor Vattam, Chennai 12th Aug 2006
A Freedom - Women driven Economic Development in Rural India - 3rd Samanvaya Freedom Lecture Smt. Kasthuri Chandrasekhar, Leader, Women's Federation, Madurai 14th Aug 2005
People Who have Lost Their Freedom in a Free Country - 2nd Samanvaya Freedom Lecture Sri. P. Gomathinayagam, Organic Farmer, Puliyangudi 14th Aug 2004
What is True Freedom? - 1st SAMANVAYA Freedom Lecture Swami Anantanandaji Maharaj, Ramakrishna Ashrama, Ulundurpet 10th Aug 2003