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Online learning programmes on development related issues at your own place and time...
SAMANVAYA periodically organises e-courses on different knowledge streams for the benefit of the web-enabled society. The topic and content are designed in line with our observations, thoughts and work.

e-Courses Offered

Dharampal's India

This eCourse provides a background, orientation and understanding on the works of the Gandhian Historian Sri. Dharampal. Samanvaya has had the privilege of working with Sri. Dharampal since 2000 and has been compiling much of his thoughts and ideas since then. This course is meant for beginners who wish to understand the works of Dharampal and its significance in the contemporary world.

The course 'Dharampal's India' consists a set of 8 unique compilations - material culled out from the published and un-published works of Dharampal. These provide the breadth and depth of Dharampal's work and thinking, in issues that include pre-Colonial Indian Science and Technology, Education System, Polity, Agricultural issues, Gandhiji and the emerging Civilisational issues and role of India in it.

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