Published Works

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Collected Writings

Major Published Works

1. Rediscovering India - Collection of more than 20 articles, notes, organised into three themes, (1) Indian Society at the Beginning of European Dominance and the Process of Impoverishment, (2) Problems Faced by India after the End of European Dominance, (3) Some European Characteristics and Their Worldwide Manifestation - Published by SIDH, Mussoorie, 2003.

2. Understanding Gandhi - A collection of 7 essays including growing up in the Gandhian Era and the future of Sevagram as he envisaged it. Other India Press, Goa 2003.

3. The British Origin of Cow-Slaughter in India, with some British Documents on the Anti-Kine-Killing movement, 1880-1894 along with T.M. Mukundan. Published by SIDH, Mussoorie, 2002.

4. Dharampal Collected Writings in 5 Volumes was brought out in 2000 by Other India Press. This compilation consisted of the following:
(Courtesy Multiversity; Permissions from Other India Press)
Vol 1: Indian Science and Technology in the Eighteenth Century
Vol 2: Civil Disobedience in the Indian Tradition
Vol 3: The Beautiful Tree Indigenous Indian Education in the Eighteenth Century
Vol 4: Panchayat Raj and India's polity
Vol 5: Essays on Tradition, Recovery and Freedom (which included the Bharatiya Chit, Manas and Kaal)

5. Despoliation and Defaming of India - The Early Nineteenth Century British Crusade, Bharat Peetam, Warda, 1999.

6. The Beautiful Tree: Indigenous India Education in the Eighteenth Century, Biblia Impex, New Delhi, 1983. Reprinted by Keerthi Publishing House Pvt Ltd., Coimbatore, 1995.

7. Bharat ka Svadharma, Itihas Vartaman aur Bhavishya ka Sandarbha (Hindi), Vagdevi Prakashan, Bikenar, 1994.

8. Bharatiya Cit Manas Kala (Hindi), 1991. Also in English translation with an introduction and glossary by J.K. Bajaj. Centre for Policy Studies, Madras. 1993. Also published in Kannada from Rashtrothan, Bangalore.

9. Some Aspects of Early Indian Society and Polity and their Relevance to the Present, Indian Association for Cultural Freedom, Pune, 1988.

10. Angrazon se Pehale ka Bharat (Hindi) Reprinted, Shatabdi Prakashan, Vidisha - Calcutta, 1988. Marathi translation published as Paramparik Bharatiya Samajik va Rajakiya Vyavasta ani Navabharathi Ubharani, Navabharata Masik, 1987. Also published in Tamil.

11. Some Reflections on Mahatma Gandhi, October-Novermber 1985, 20 pages.

12. Indian Science and Technology in the Eighteenth century: Some Contemporary European Accounts, Impex India, Delhi, 1971. Reprint, Academy of Gandhian Studies, Hyderabad, 1983.

13. Towards a Reappraisal of the Gandhian Era. An Approach, July-September 1982, 18 pages (Ref.1-24).

14. Structuring Hind Swaraj: Mahatma gandhi in Action 1932-1940, February 1982, 10 pages (Ref. 1-17).

15. The Madras Panchayat System, Vol II: A General Assessment, Impex India, Delhi, 1971. The Madras Panchayat System was later published by Balwantray Mehta Panchayati Raj Foundation, 1972.

16. Civil Disobedience and Indian Tradition: with some early nineteenth century documents. Sarva Seva Sangh Prakashan, Varanasi, 1971. Foreword by Sri. Jayaprakash Narayan.

17. Panchayat Raj as the Basis of Indian Polity: An exploration into the Proceedings of the Constituent Assembly, AVARD, New Delhi, April 1962. Foreword by Sri. Jayaprakash Narayan