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The idea and formulation of Samanvaya Knowledge Trust has evolved out of the philosophy and work of Team Samanvaya in the social domain as knowledge consultants since 1998. The Trust was formally registered on January 12th 2009 as a Public Charitable Trust. The principal objectives of the Trust are Education and Research, towards promoting a learning culture and equity in society.  

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Team Samanvaya – A background
Samanvaya started in 1998, has evolved as a knowledge consulting firm working with social issues. We believe in a development that is earth- and people-friendly. Through our work, we have functioned like a support system for grassroot workers, NGOs and social agencies and facilitate their work in several domain areas of agriculture, education, technology, management, environment awareness and so on. But primarily we have worked in the domain of ideas - ideas that help our partners and clients understand, manage and contribute to societal change through their efforts, both within their organisations and through their work. Our approach is context and people-centered and active research is an important component of our work. Over and above consulting, we have also initiated our own programmes. Samanvaya's initiatives are born out of our "response ability" and are very dear to our hearts. They address societal needs or changes in original ways and have inspired others to take action too. None of these initiatives have been funded and have sustained by our interest and resources.


The Samanvaya Knowledge Trust has been constituted in order to organise and manage the time-bound initiatives (campaigns and disaster response) better, as well as intensify efforts and work towards greater depth in the constructive programmes. The constructive initiatives have primarily been the educational and learning / knowledge based programmes and initiatives of Samanvaya Consulting, like PaataShaala Education Forum and SwaRaj, which are being integrated as the activities of the Trust.

The key objectives of the Trust, education and research towards a learning and equitable society are further strengthened by our mandates
- to promote eco-conscious knowledge;
- conduct social researches in the areas of development, technology management, and education;
- initiate knowledge based services towards relief, rehabilitative or constructive social purpose;
- research, promote and establish institutions based on Mahatma Gandhi’s Nai Talim;

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- establish, run and help with teacher training institutes along such thought;
- conduct research in the learning and knowledge traditions of India towards application; and
- to promote and work towards a culture of learning based on natural principles of learning and inclusive education processes.

Prof. Sultan Ahmed Ismail Chairperson, (Director, Ecoscience Research Foundation)
Lakshmi Ranganathan, Vice Chairperson, (Yoga Practitioner & Teacher, Sanjeevani Ayurveda and Yoga Clinic)
Sridevi, Treasurer (Chartered Accountant Consultant)
N. Muthuvalayutham, Member of Board, (Secretary, CCD, Madurai)
John Britto, Member of Board, (John Britto’s Entertainment Company)
Rama. V, Member of Board (Samanvaya)
Priya Nagesh, Secretary / Managing Trustee


Advisors from the Education domain
Dr. L.S. Saraswathy, or LS as most call her - she is the prime mentor for this initiative, quite old (in age), very wise and been in the education sector over 3 decades. She resides in Chennai and is actively supporting our learning centre with her counsel and wisdom.

Dr. Claude Alvares - Multiversity, Other India Press, Goa - He is an advisor in principle, an original thinker and activist, about 60 years young, and has been supporting and encouraging us, continues to take an active interest and give his counsel.

Smt. Meenakshi - started and runs a school in Nagarkoodal village in Dharmapuri district since 2000, called ‘Puvidham’ which means ‘love for the earth’. Puvidham is a very different school which cares deeply for the earth, for each child and her learning process, and adapts Gandhian ideals of satyagraha and Swaraj as well as Montessori methods in the education process. Visit their website:

Smt. Gurveen Kaur – started in 1982 and runs the Centre for Learning, Hyderabad, a true search for real learning and quality education, which can be both personally meaningful and socially relevant, as opposed to mere schooling. Website:


Captain Mohan Ranganathan, Air Safety Expert
Smt. Aasha Reddy
Smt. Sreemathi Ramnath, Principal Consultant, immer besser

Networks and Partners
Taleemnet / Multiversity
Learning Network India
SIDH, Mussori, Uttaranchal

Current Primary Activities
 Preparation and preliminary activity towards setting up a resource and learning centre in Chennai based on Nai Talim
 Academic research on Nai Talim - the philosophy, scheme, historical and political conditions of origin, experiments, methodologies and curriculum, in association with Nai Talim Samiti and Multiversity
 Workshops for urban school teachers (Chennai) for exploring the education process as beyond mere subject teaching based on Nai Talim concepts
 Rural curriculum development based on natural farming and livelihoods with an alternative school based on the principles of Mahatma Gandhi and Maria Montessori.
 Nai Talim seminar-workshops for rural teachers in Tamil Nadu